General Visit

First visit $95

Gold Card or Current Community Services Card $80

For your first visit please allow up to an hour an a half

Follow up visit $65

Gold Card or Current Community Services Card $50

For following visits please allow up to one hour

Prior to your visit I would like to email you a Health History form for you to print out, fill in and bring along with you on your first visit. Please also consider bringing any relevant information you have about your health. If printing is not an option, please let me know so we can arrange an alternative… like turning up 10 minutes earlier to fill out the form. Many thanks.

ACC covered treatment

If you have a current ACC claim, you may choose Acupuncture as a treatment for the condition covered by your claim. I am an ACC Treatment Provider and I a practising member of Acupuncture NZ.

The ACC surchage is $20 for all visits

Visits will generally be 45 minutes long. Please allow up to an hour for your first ACC visit.

For your first visit please if possible, bring your ACC paper work from the person that lodged your claim. This will have important information for me to know exactly what I am authorised to treat. If you have any other results pertaining to the condition, please bring them if you are able.

House calls

House calls may be neccessary in the case of extreme pain, lack of mobility or in the case of Labour Inducing treatment.

In these cases a set aside room with a bed, that is warm and quiet would be ideal. In the case of a hospital visit please check with the Nursing Staff prior to getting in touch.

Within Rotorua, Ngongotaha and Hamurana call out fee is $80

Other areas considered

Cash or bank transfer before trearment is a must.