Pre Conception Health

In Traditional Chinese Medicine the most prescious essence in health is called Jing. Jing is inheirited essence, given to us at the time of conception from each of our parents. This essence is believed to be the foundation of our health for our enitre life. Our time from womb to tomb may certainly be influlenced by many factors. But Jing is something that is set preconceptually.

Working with preconception health involves looking at both parents current health, health history and lifestyle to best gague the approach. At this stage I like to work with you both, to be resourceful and teach you the principles of TCM to live the best life you can live for optimum health. The current medical thinking is 90 days is a useful window to influence sperm and ripening eggs.

I also work with Semen sample test results and BBT charts of the Mother to be’s monthly cycle in the hope to provide useful references to be able to look for changes after 3 months.

You may enjoy browsing the links on the Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic website in Sydney, who have worked with TCM and Fertility for many decades.

Sub Fertility and ART

When trying to concieve becomes a stress rather than a joy, the questioning tends to begin…. what is not working and why? Depending on where you may be at on that jouney TCM can come alongside you and support you in so many ways. Having worked for over a decade with many people trying to conceive, I have come to see the fertility journey is best met resourced and supported. Having support to help make sense of where you may be at and what to do next can be invaluable.

My experience and training and the wonderful mentoring I have recieved from some very treasured women working with Fertility, allows me to walk with you down any path. From a purely home brewed approach to any of the Artificial Reproductive Techniques on offer. You will also see in the testimonials that this journey can be intensly emotional. And the beauty of Holistic therapies is the care taken to include all of you in your sessions.

For those who prefer research articles on TCM and Fertility, IVF and Pregnancy check out the Acupuncture Pregnancy Clinic in Sydney, website

And for those who prefer stories, please read the tesimonials below. Due to the Medicine Act 1981, I have had to edit alot out of the testimonials, however the sentiment remains.


“After doing some research online about pregnancy through acupuncture, I have found Lisa website and read about Lisa’s testimonial and her acupuncture work which specialized in female fertility. I started seeing Lisa in January 2011 after having 2 miscarriages in June 2009 and 2010.

What I can say about Lisa, she is both skilled in acupuncture and has a lovely warm energy. I would like to thank her so much for the treatments I have received before conceive and during my pregnancy.

I am now looking forward to see Lisa again for helping me to have my 2nd baby.

May God bless her with her work”

Emily, age 43

“David and I had been on the infertility rollercoaster for several years when I started seeing Lisa for acupuncture. We’d already had 3 IUIs and an IVF cycle that were all unsuccessful, and I was interested in trying acupuncture as a complementary medicine to the infertility treatments. A friend recommended Lisa, and said she was great, but to be honest what really got my attention was when my friend said Lisa ends all her treatments with a foot massage! I figured anything that ends with a foot massage is worth trying so I made an appointment.

What has grown out of that first appointment is one of the most amazing relationships I have had with a health practitioner. Lisa has not only provided incredible assistance through the use of her acupuncture and Chinese medicine skills, but her emotional support of me has been invaluable. Infertility means not only coping with physical challenges, but also dealing with the enormous emotional stress of not being able to conceive a child. In each session, Lisa listened to what was going on with me that week, and offered her wisdom and solace (and sometimes a kick up the bum when it was needed!). She has become a key part of my support system, and has helped me learn and grow in ways that I could not imagine when I started seeing her.”

Jacinta – excited mum-to-be 41

“I started seeing Lisa for treatment after nearly 2 years of trying to get pregnant without success. Over the past 12 months Lisa has provided me with excellent general health advice and emotional support and treated me with acupuncture at the following stages of the process:  prior to conception, pregnancy in the first trimester, in the last 4 weeks of pregnancy, encouraging the onset of labour after I passed my due date and in the first weeks after the birth.  Lisa’s support has been invaluable and I would certainly encourage others to open their minds to the benefits of acupuncture, especially with Lisa’s extensive knowledge on fertility.”

FC Age 34

“Our fertility journey started with Fertility Associates and the focus was very much around the mechanics of the female anatomy. I was checked out in the initial visits and thrust into cycles of clomiphene however I felt early on that there was something missing. I had read about the benefits of acupuncture and researched online, until I came across Lisa’s website – from that moment I was sold.

From my very first visit with Lisa in May 2010 I felt at ease, calm and reassured in Lisa’s presence. It was a connection I felt straight away and also a knowing that I was on the right path. I looked forward to our sessions immensely and learnt a lot about myself from listening and taking on-board what Lisa was telling me about my body. What I loved about Lisa was her ability to always steer me towards another plan whenever we hit a stumbling block. Without a doubt this taught me a lot about how to get through the tough times, and to also trust the process. Its not always easy to stay calm and relaxed after numerous failures to conceive and at times the emotional stress can become quite overwhelming. Lisa played a significant part in keeping me positive and provided me with endless support, many times going above and beyond. She has become a key person in my support network and someone I trust and respect hugely.

The journey has been incredible and having Lisa beside me all the way,”

Nicky, Age 43

“At 40 I had been trying to conceive for two years and although I was successful once, I sadly miscarried and began trying again immediately. Another year had passed without another pregnancy so I began to search for answers. I had become very frustrated and disheartened by the current public system of health care. It was obvious that no one was going to take any time to investigate my fertility challenges or pregnancy loss at my age. I was advised to pursue ART. Intuitively, I was confident that my body could conceive and carry a baby to full term so I chose to look for alternative therapies.

I was extremely blessed to come across Lisa’s web-site after manically looking through the infinite resources on the internet to optimise fertility outcomes.I instantly felt that I had come to the right place. I was impressed by her vast knowledge of the human body, its energetic pathways and the science of Chinese medicine and acupuncture. She explained the detail of each needle placement and described: sensations, anatomy and the cause and effect of every treatment session. She explained that she would “carefully and methodically look under every rock.” My scientific ‘geeky’ mind trusted her implicitly. What I didn’t expect but came to value above all else was her nurturing, supportive, caring and counselling gifts. What was meant as an information gathering/ update chat at the beginning of each session was actually a counselling session; a place for me to describe where I was at emotionally, physically and mentally. She really saw it all here, my tears of despair, my hopeful enthusiasm and everything else in-between.

I had found a truly whole-istic approach! Lisa was not afraid to make referrals and connections to colleagues and her mentors when and where she believed another approach or modality would benefit my process. I have seen other Chinese Medicine Practioners in the city and engaged their help with my fertility through acupuncture. I was amazed at how vastly different Lisa’s practice was. I wish that every woman who needs support in fertility challenges finds her! I believe she is truly a gifted healer.”

As I write, I am 42 years old and 20 weeks pregnant…..Donna

Lisa is a godsend! Her gentle manner and cheerful disposition allowed me to feel comfortable in her presence from the very start. I sought out acupuncture treatments to aid my fertility. Lisa’s skillful needling makes acupuncture treatments virtually pain-free and leaves me feeling relaxed and revitalized. I plan to continue my acupuncture treatments throughout my pregnancy.”

MJ Age 29

“My husband and I had been to a fertility clinic and were told that I had Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome and that we would need assistance to get pregnant. We decided to try what treatments the fertility clinic recommended; we were doing this for 9 months and still had a negative result. They then suggested IVF which was a rather expensive option.

A friend recommended Lisa for acupuncture that specialized in female fertility issues. I booked in to see Lisa she was great explained what doctors couldn’t and hadn’t been bothered to. I saw Lisa once a week for 6 weeks where she worked on trying to get my body working the way it should ready for conception.

 I would recommend Lisa to anyone that is trying to have a baby or just trying to get there bodies on track.”

KD 31

”After having tried 3 unsuccessful rounds of fertility drugs over the course of 18 months, I decided that the medical route wasn’t the one for me and went to Lisa seeking a more holistic approach.

Lisa and her treatments had a very calming effect on me, which I’m sure can be well appreciated by anyone dealing with the day-to -day frustration of sub fertility. I cannot thank her enough.”

KG Age 32

“After falling pregnant so quickly the first time I was upset it was taking me so long the second time, and this is why I went to see Lisa. I had not realised how important the ‘holistic’ approach to fertility is and thought that a few acupuncture needles might sort me out! However Lisa takes time to get to know you first and find out any factors in your life that might be relevant. It was a real eye opener to discuss my son’s birth experience with Lisa and come to the realisation that I might be affected by his traumatic birth to the point I was fearful about going through something like that again. Although very emotional for me, it was such a great experience to talk it through with someone so insightful, and shine the light on something I had swept under the mat. After this intense experience. I continued to see Lisa through the first 12 weeks for treatment for nausea, and other unpleasant pregnancy symptoms, and also miscarriage prevention. As well as the acupuncture – which was relaxing and enjoyable – I feel I got lots of ‘extras’ such as the benefit of her extensive knowledge about pregnancy and her careful monitoring of my nutrition. I cannot recommend Lisa enough.”

TG Age 34

”Acupuncture was not an option I had initially considered to assist with pre conception health and to strengthen my ability to carry a baby full term. But after two miscarriages and speaking with others who had similar experiences I decided to give it a go. To be honest, I wish I had done it sooner, but realise I needed to come around to doing this in my own time. That being said I would not hesitate to have Acupuncture with subsequent pregnancies.”

CP Age 32

”I started seeing Lisa in August 2008 just before I was about to embark on my second IVF cycle which unfortunately was not successful. Being an older patient I had given up hope of ever getting pregnant. Lisa encouraged me to take a more holistic approach to my infertility.

Lisa’s compassion and sensitivity during this difficult time has been treasured. Thank you Lisa for all your encouragement and support.”

MK Age 44

“I started seeing Lisa after my second IVF cycle failed and just a few months before I was due to start my third cycle. I was really hesitant to have acupuncture due to my fear of needles, you’d think I’d be over that phobia after having been through 2 IVF cycles and getting ready for a third!!! Lisa was so calming and reassuring that my first session was just wonderful and pain free. We also spent at least an hour and half just talking. I was amazed at how much I had to say about what I had been through and how my emotions were just coming out. Lisa also was so informative and for the first time I felt as though someone actually cared and also had some answers as to why things might be going wrong. The part that I enjoy the most about the treatment is the talk.. Lisa seems to have a wonderful gift.

My third IVF cycle wasn’t successful and needless to say I was absolutely devastated. I stopped all treatment and completely closed up, for me there was no longer a light at the end of the tunnel. A few months later when I resurfaced the first person I called was Lisa. I have started my treatment with her again even though I’m not doing IVF till next year. What she has done for me and my relationship with my husband is wonderful. She helped me prepare questions for my reviews with the Fertility Clinics to help me make the best decisions regarding another IVF cycle. I am now enjoying life and no longer feel empty. For me now there is once again a BRIGHT light at the end of my tunnel.”

RA Age 30

“Most importantly though I wanted to thank you for your role in my babies lives. You have been brilliant and I have so enjoyed the therapy. If my pockets were deep it would be a weekly ritual with made up symptoms just to get regular needle therapy.”

SV Age 35

After many disappointments in natural pregnancies and one failed IVF cycle we were about to undergo our second cycle when my husband read that acupuncture had been found to assist success rates. From my first phone call with Lisa she was positive and helpful and we set up a plan going forward for treatment prior to and all the way through my pregnancy. My treatments with Lisa became very important for me, giving me time to relax and unwind and Lisa was always there with an open ear.

Lisa is an extremely talented gentle, beautiful person who I cannot recommend strongly enough to anyone considering acupuncture.”

LH Age 40