Women's health can be a dynamic journey. Each of us with our own path to walk. Understanding your body and what she is going through can help to restore connection and respect for your body. An important step in any healing journey.

Our mental and emotional health are delicately intwined and at times can even affect our physical health. Traditional Chinese Medicine reconginses how emotions can affect our health and is a great promoter of the restorative force of inner stillness.

Health is one of our greatest resources. And its not until you go through a health crisis that you realse that life is so much easier when we are healthy. Traditional Chinese Medicine sees health as a sign of a life in balance. A balance that is unique for each of us.



Acupuncturist Lisa Houghton

Welcome to these pages. I am Lisa Houghton, a practising Acupuncturist since 2004.

Ever since I was a child I have had a love and respect for Nature. Early in adulthood my respect for nature made a leap in logic. And I sumised if we are from Nature surely it is in Natures interest to keep us healthy. And so began the exploration of Natural healing and health principles.

During my life I have studied, practised and collected in my kete, knowledge from Traditional Chinese Acupuncture, Chinese Herbal Medicine, Chinese Wholefood Therapy, Fermented Food, Raw Food, Food growing principals, Qi Gong, Conductivity Breathing, Meditation and Yoga. But for me one of the most influential healers is relationship… primarily the one that we have with ourselves.

It is this inherant relationship with our inner Nature- the mystery of life, that gave rise to the name Elemental Acupuncture…. Elemental ; pertaining to rudiments or first principle.

I hope you enjoy reading your way through this website and enjoy natures beauty in the wonderful images people have captured.