Finding space in life

Keeping a balance in life requires us to manage the demands of daily life, whilst keeping our inner space clear enough to be at our best. Sometimes life comes too thick and fast and our inability to process what is coming up starts colouring our days, weeks and even years.

If you are someone who values your connection with your body, your feelings and your breath, Chinese Medicine can be a fantastic reframe on life with its holistic approach to health. TCM recognises all aspects of our lives have the potential to affect of health and well being.


Grief and grieving

Some life events can very suddenly send us into the world of grief. The same world we have always been in, but now with a layer of pain and saddness impinging on every breath. The process of healing certainly takes time. But there can come a time when you may feel like you are stuck and that you need to take a fresh breath.

Chinese Medicine likens our vitality to energy (Qi) flow and reserves. If the cycle of our breath has stagnated, our Qi cannot refresh or revive us.

Chinese Medicine calls this Lung Qi Stagnation or Lung Qi depletion. And states that Grief taxes the lungs. Using the simple concept of Qi flow (conductivity) with our breath, can become a practise we can do anytime anywhere.

Breathing deeply naturally relaxes us. And restoring a sense of calm can provide a chance for stillness, reflection and meditation to occur. A valuable reapproach for navigating the often unchartered territory of Grieving.