The Tumultous years

As young womens bodies develop, hormone production is growing in strength and over time regulates and balances itself out. But for some this process can be a rough ride physically or emotionally and may benefit from a helping hand. I have worked specifically with womens cycles for 10 years and have come to respect just how much womens bodies have to co- ordinate.

Tradtional Chinese Medicine (TCM) sees health as a sign of balance and harmony in our lives. Its language is very simple and holistic…. looking at our emotional world, our diet, and any stress (in its many forms), as the contributing factors to the cause of disease.

Particularly, when understandng womens cycles, working with as much of the whole life picture as possible can provide more insight as to what might be going on…. which in turn can give us more to work with.

The Full Steam Ahead Years

There is a commonly accepted general equation to health; a healthy diet, adequate rest and exercise, happiness and a sense of worth and belonging. But within the equation is an enormous, infact at times overwhelming variaiton of advice. Even from our own experience we can see what works for one does not necessarily work for all. And then another birthday ending with a 0 comes along and all of a sudden there are new pages in the manual that puts a new spin on things..

Paying attention to the changes, as I call them flags, from our bodies can be like breadcrumbs on a trail. And are a chance to start asking the questions… whats going on, why, what can I do and what do I need help with.

The Reflective Years

As we age the patterns in our bodies and our emotional reactions can become more and more set in place. This does not have to be the case. I am a firm believer of listening to our bodies for inner cues and messages as to what they need, or not. The tide of years worth of habits doesnt neccessarily turn in a day, however there is hope. And paying attention to the body with care rather than frustration or despair can be a game changer. I hope to help each of my clients develop more report with their bodies, to discover they are on the same team. And to live life more graciously.