“I would highly recommend it (Acupuncture) and definitely going and seeing Lisa with her magic hands! She has helped so much and I am very grateful for how far she has come with me”

KM Age 19

“Lisa was recommended to me by a trusted family friend who is also an acupuncturist. At the time I had been dealing with constant low level sickness and exhaustion. Partly because I have been working with young children for several years (and therefore coming into contact with lots of bugs), and partly because I have had my family doctor test me for a range of possible causes and been sent away with “nothing wrong with me”, I accepted this as life and tried to get on with it. However I began to get overwhelmed and thought ‘hang on, I’m twenty four, I eat well, I sleep well, this isn’t right’! Frustrated and fed-up I contacted Lisa. From our first appointment I felt someone was actively engaging with my individual circumstances and motivated to help, listening, thinking, and using all her expertise to support me. Through her practical advise, knowledge, and skill for explaining things simply and clearly, I have been enabled to respond with more awareness to my bodies sensitivities and therefore engage with and pre-empt illness and exhaustion as they arise. Also a carefully selected series of tests revealed to me (and my doctor) that there were several real issues responsible for my symptoms which was a huge relief and very vindicating. I highly recommend Lisa for her skills, knowledge and sensitivity- thank you very much.

R R-S Age 24

“Lisa gave me treatment for an injury in my elbow that had not healed in over a year.

I found the sessions relaxing and enjoyable, with her service holistic, professional and caring. I would happily recommend Lisa as a proficient acupuncturist to anyone.”

H B Age 50

“Lisa is a gentle, sensitive and skilled Acupuncturist. Her care of her clients in the way she both listens to and attends to all aspects of her clients welfare. Her ability to attune to her clients body rhythms makes it a joy to betreated by Lisa.”


“I was always a fun and care-free person. When I hit puberty I noticed a dramatic change in my whole demeanour to the constant feeling of being unloved (loving myself) and angry which made me insecure. I decided I was going to focus on achieving high results in NCEA at high school and be selected for a regional sports team because I thought by getting recognition for these accomplishments would fulfil my need to be loved. I became quite selfish and oppressed relationships I had with those important in my life. The anger became more prevalent as the years went by, resulting in many sudden outbursts towards others. When I moved to Auckland to further my studies at University, my anger progressively transformed into emotions of sadness and anxiety. As the expectation levels of studies increased so did the anxiety and depression. This meant I stopped socialising and pushed away any relationships or love from others. One way I was coping with these emotions were through eating and exercise; however, a year ago I had to stop exercising as I had a knee injury. I began to come down with many other problems such as extremely dry skin, especially peeling lips, a rash around the mouth and constantly “niggly” headaches. I got to a point in my life where I was desperate for change as it was not healthy for me. However, I felt helpless and unsure how to bring about this change. I began asking the universe for answers until one day my brother referred me to acupuncture, where I met Lisa. At the first session with Lisa I arrived in tears feeling hopeless and homesick. Once I had left the session I was at such peace with myself and the universe, and excited about my healing journey. My understanding of the body’s connection with the mind has surprised me as I used to think of my body as a “machine” to live in this 3D reality. I would like to thank Lisa for all the support and guidance in kick-starting my new life journey.”

Much love,

SP Age 21

“Lisa is a shinning light in the Healing Arts. She is an absolute delight to be around, friendly, warm, understanding and helpful - I’d thoroughly reccomend her”

AB Age 40

“Sleeping twenty floors up in a hotel in the Christchurch CBD on the night the 7.1 earthquake rocked Canterbury leaves an impression, not one you’d recommend, and that’s where Lisa comes in.

I explained what I had been through and Lisa suggested what may had been affected and placed her needles accordingly, and left the room. I lay back mildly aware of the odd needle when all at once I felt a tingle around my heart, then I began to shake and I felt deep sobs rising, all quite involuntarily. It only lasted a few moments. Lisa returned to the room and I told her of my experience. She took out the needles and I got up off the bed.

Thank you Lisa”

CH Age 59

“I first went to Lisa for treatment for recurrent Bartholins cysts. Prior to meeting Lisa I had had unsuccessful surgery several times and I felt all other treatment options had been exhausted. I was at my wits end and other areas of my health had begun to suffer. Lisa approached each of my problems with a positive attitude and immediately reassured me without delivering unrealistic promises.

Lisa’s considered analysis of my medical records, lifestyle and emotional situation contributed to a more complete approach to treatment than I had ever received. Prior to Lisa, no other health professional had attempted to make connections between my recurrent problems but rather considered it a bout of bad luck. Lisa quickly identified probable connections and offered sound advice on areas where I could help myself.

Acupuncture with Lisa is a delightfully soothing and relaxing experience, and her treatment does not stop there.

Lisa is a patient, gentle and caring person I recommend her wholeheartedly.”

MA Age 32